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 Property For Sale Code 51620147: 104 Ijesha Road, Itire Lawanson

Ideal for Commercial Activities

Property For Sale: NGN 115 Million or best offer


Location: 104 Ijesha Road,  Itire Lawanson, Lagos State


Front Structure: 3 Floors of 2  2-Bedroom Apartments & 1 Shop

Back Structure: 2 Floors of 2-Bedroom Apartments


The property's lot is ideal for commercial activities such as Banking, Retailing, Lodging (Hotel) and Multi-Purpose Complex.


Located  on a busy road in Itire Ikate Local Government  Area, Lagos State. In addition with ample parking for vehicles and side fence. Call Ms. Bisi Bello for details at 08035531075 or 07084662132.

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